Research Project

Julien Clarchies (1769-1814) was the most in demand fiddler in Paris during the Premier Empire (1804-1814). He published hundreds of popular dance tunes arranged for two violins.  I'm in the process of preparing an anthology of his works, some samples are below.

Sheet Music Sound Files Comments
La Belton .gif .pdf .mid
2/4  G maj
La Charasse .jpg   .mid   6/8 Bm, Bm, D
La Esmini   .pdf .mid .mp3 6/8 D, Bm, A
La Sauteuse .jpg   .mid  live mp3 3/8 D A Bm
Waltzer original 1 original 2 .mid .mp3
live mp3
3/4 G and Gm
La Laurence .pdf     live mp3 2/4 D, D, Bm
La Cristabel original 1 original 2   live mp3 2/4 G, D, Gm
La Fesey .pdf     live mp3 2/4 G, G, Gm

Interesting image I found on the web: looks like guitars and a hammered dulcimer playing for a contradance in the early 1800's.

A caricature from after the battle of Waterloo: Napoleon is dancing a contradance "anglaise," to the tune of an Englishman conducting the band, an Austrian playing the bass, a Russian on the violin, and a Prussian on the flute.

For a fuller explanation of this cartoon, see