I've written some articles for the Belgian magazine, Goe Vollek, and I'm their regular contributor for their "grenspost" column (about what's happening in the US folk world):

    • Amerikanen hameren erop los. Goe Vollek nr. 1 2002 4-9.

    • (Article in Dutch about the history of the hammered dulcimer in the United States)

In the Dulcimer Players' News there's a little article called "Dialoog van viool en hakkebord".

I'm working on editing a selection of contradances by Julien Clarchies, a mulatto fiddler from Curaçao who made it big playing contradances in Paris in the days of Napoleon.

I've edited a couple of books of the music of Maggie Sansone, hammered dulcimer player from Annapolis:

I did the typesetting for the tunebook of my friend Jonathan Jensen, Candles in the Dark. Some great compositions!

    • I self-published three books of tunes:Beijaert 1728 - An 18th century Collection of Christmas Music for the Carillon from Antwerp. Transcribed and edited by Paul Oorts. December 2005.

    • Eurotunes - Tunes for the Miniclasses "eurotunes by ear." Irish Week at the Augusta Heritage Center. Collected, transcribed and chorded by Paul Oorts. 2004-2006-2007.

    • Belgian Anthology Volume 1 - Dance Music from 18th Century Belgium, transcribed from its original sources and chorded by Paul Oorts. 2006.