Past Performances

(excluding regular local dances and private gigs)


  • Quarantunes 6.0


  • July: common ground online: guitar bootcamp and Italian-American Mandolin

  • June: FSGW concert KA/PO

  • June: Quarantunes 4

  • February QDF3


  • November: KA/PO North-East Ohio Dulcimer Festival

  • August: Quarantune Dulcimer Festival 2.0

  • July: Common Ground Week 1

  • March: Rigatoni Quartet at Loyola

  • February: KA/PO at the Old Brogue

  • February: Ramshead Tavern Annapolis with Maggie Sansone


  • November: Jefferson Ball Richmond VA

  • September: Goldcrest at Michigan Dance Heritage Fall Weekend

  • August: Footfall Dance Weekend (Camp Louise)

  • August: Atlanta Contra

  • July: Summer Tunes (with Andrea Hoag)

  • July: Richmond Guitar Series (with Maggie Sansone and Andrea Hoag)

  • June: Kentucky Music Week

  • June: Goldcrest at Spring Dance Weekend (NY)

  • May: English Trifle (English dance camp)

  • April: Goldcrest at Spring Maggot Weekend (Pittsburgh)

  • March: Spring Music weekend, Shepherdstown WV

  • February: Rigatoni Bros at FSGW Minifest

  • January: Twelft Night Riversdale Ball, Ramshead and Easton with Maggie Sansone


  • December Baldwin Station with Maggie Sansone

  • December KA/PO at the German Christmas market in Lovettsville, VA

  • November: Celtic Trio at the Old Brogue

  • October: KA/PO at the Nonsuch weekend in UK

  • September: Glen Echo Waltz with Larry Unger and Friends

  • August: Volksmuziekstage in Gooik, BE

  • August: John C. Campbell School NC Dulcimer week

  • June: Kentucky Music Week

  • June: Goldcrest Spring Dance Weekend NY

  • May: English Trifle weekend

  • April: Chameleon at Chesapeak Dance weekend (with Alexander Mitchell, Dave Wiesler, Ralph Gordon)

  • May: Goldcrest San Antonio TX ECD weekend

  • January: Upper Potomac Fiddle Retreat


November: Goldcrest Cincinatti English Dance Weekend

  • May: Timber Ridge WV English Trifle

  • May: minitour with Mary Lea

  • April: NorthWest Dulcimer Festival

  • April: Excalibur w Maggie Sansone (Maryland Ballet Theatre)

  • March: Spring Music Weekend Shepherdstown WV

  • January: UPDF fiddle retreat


  • October: Goldcrest Harvest Moon dance weekend Chicago IL

  • September: Goldcrest at Fandango dance weekend in Atlanta GA

  • August: Goldcrest at Hey Days dance weekend Bay Area Country Dance Society CA

  • June: Kentucky Music Week

  • April: Ka/PO at Pocono dulcimer festival







    • Feb 18-21 with Goldcrest, Buena Vista, CO

    • March 13, Kent Island, MD with Maggie Sansone, Sue Richard, Andrea Hoag, Michael Binnie Highland Piping Ensemble

    • April 9-10 Scottish Dance Weekend in Richmond, VA, with Dave Wiesler and David Knight

    • April 30-May1 Dulcimer Fest in Winston Salem, NC, with Karen Ashbrook

    • May 22, Chincategue, MD, with Pavilion Three

    • June 2-6 Hcamp, Kerville TX with Karen Asbhrook

    • June 21-26 Kentucky Music Week with Karen Asbhrook

    • June 18-20 mini tour with Mary Lea

    • (Belgium in july)

    • July 26-30 Augusta Irish Week, Elkins WV

    • August 9-14 English American Week at Pinewoods, Mass, staff musician

    • Sept 3-5 Goldcrest in Portland, OR

    • Sept 22-26 Queretaro, Mexico with Tympanon


    • Januari 4, Brookside Gardens, MD with the Sligo Hedge School Kids

    • January 29, Diversity Concert at Peabody Institute, with Karen Ashbrook

    • Februari 1, Paviolion Three at the Old Brogue, Great Falls VA

    • March 29 Cabaret Suavignon at Mostly Waltz, Philadelphia, PA

    • April 3-5 Goldcrest Austin, TX

    • April 26 Trio con Brio at Mostly Waltz, Philadelphia, PA

    • May 15, Glen Echo FND with Lydia Levins and Karen Axelrod

    • May 27-31 World Cymbalum Congress, Queretaro Mexico, with Karen Ashbrook and Tympanon

    • June 3-7 Hcamp, Kerville Texas with Karen Ashbrook

    • June 25 Mountain Laurel Festival near Harrisburg PA with Craig Harrell and Ralph Gordon

    • June 13, violentreffen in Leuven, Belgium (with Karen Ashbrook)

    • September 26 CCE Irish Fest, Fairfax VA with Karen Ashbrook and the Hedgeschool Kids

    • October 30 - Nov 1 Harp Guitar Gathering, Colonial Williamsburg, VA with Karen Ashbrook

    • November 14-15 Stone Jug concert and workshop, Gettysburg PA with Karen Asbhrook

    • November 14, Glen Echo Waltz with Larry Unger and Eden MacAdam Sommer


    • Feb 28-Mar 2 Dawn Dance, Ann Arbor, MI

    • April 25 Rockville MD Cultural Center (with Maggie Sansone)

    • April 26 Southern Maryland Celtic Festival (with Maggie Sansone)

    • May 12 Winston-Salem Dulcimer Fest with Karen Ashbrook

    • May 16-18 mini tour with Jubilea (Mary Lea, Dave Wiesler, Anna Patton), 5 gigs in 3 days

    • May 21, Vermont with Kathy Sanderson

    • may 25 Glen Echo Waltz with Trio con Brio

    • May 29-Jun 1 Circle Lodge, NY, with Goldcrest

    • June 20-22 Oklahoma City dance weekend with Goldcrest

    • June 25-29 HCamp, Kerville TX with Karen Ashbrook

    • July 7-13 English Scottish week at Pinewoods, Mass, staff musician

    • July 14-19 Catskills Irish Arts Week, with Karen Asbhrook

    • July 28-Aug 1 Teen Week Hedge School

    • September 21, Glen Echo Waltz with Larry Unger and Eden McAdam-Summer

    • September 26-28 Plainsongfestival in Lincoln, NE, with Pavilion Three

    • November 15 Tympanon plays for a French dance, Bluemont, WV

    • December 31, First Night Alexandria, with Karen Asbhrook

2007 ... to be updated

2006 ... to be updated

2005 ... to be updated

    • Twelfth Night, Little Rock AK, with Goldchrest, January 7-9 2005

    • Winter Fest of Acoustic Music, Irving TX, with Karen Ashbrook Februari 11-13 2005

    • Berlin MD and Ononacock MD, with Maggie Sansone and Ken Kolodner, March 12-13 2005

    • Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival, Harpers Ferry WV, with Tympanon, March 19-20 2005

    • The Birchmere, Alexandria VA, Maggie’s Music concert, April 3 2005

    • The Birchmere, Alexandria VA, Maggie’s Music concert, April 3 2005

    • Dulcimer Day in Duluth, MN, with Karen Ashbrook, May 6-8 2005

    • The Hothouse, Chicago IL, May 19 2005, with karen Ashbrook

    • Celtic Café Weekend, Door County WI, with Karen Ashbrook, May 2005

    • Sylvan Lake Dance Camp, NY, with GoldChrest, June 2005

    • Common Ground on the Hill, Wesminster MD, July 4-10

    • Catskills Irish arts Week, NY with Karen Ashbrook, July 11-16 2005

    • World Voices, World Visions, University of Rhode Island, July 18-23 2005

    • Nutmeg Festival, CT, with Karen Ashbrook, October 1-2 2005

    • Monte Toyon Dance Camp, Santa Cruz CA, October 14-18 2005

    • Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage, Washington DC, with Alexander Mitchell, November 10 2005

    • Institute of Musical Traditions, Silver Spring MD, with Alexander Mitchell, October 14 2005

    • Roundhouse Theater, Silver Spring MD, Staff musician for Performances of Midsummernight’s Dream by Lumina Productions, December 3-6


    • Ramshead Tavern, Annapolis MD, with Maggie Sansone, January 3 2004

    • Harmony Hall, Fort Washington MD, with Maggie Sansone, January 10 2004

    • Virginia Beach VA , with Karen Ashbrook, March 13 2004

    • Danceweekend London Ontario (Canada), with Goldchrest, march 2004

    • Celtic Café Weekend, Door County WI, with Karen Ashbrook, May 2004

    • Belgian American Club, Namur Wi, with Karen Ashbrook, May 2004

    • Almost Heaven Dance Weekend, Buffalo Gap WV, with Goldchrest, May 2004

    • Washington Folk Festival, with Karen Ashbrook June 2004

    • Schotland Tour Goldchrest June 23-July 4

    • Swannanoa Gathering, performance with Karen Ashbrook, Asheville NC, July 2004

    • Catskills Irish arts Week, NY with Karen Ashbrook, July 2004

    • Irish Week Augusta Heritage Center, Elkins WV with Karen Ashbrook July 2004

    • Country Roads Festival, WV, with Nick Blanton, August 2004

    • Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival, Harpers Ferry WV, Ensemble Playing class, September 2004

    • Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore MD, with Baltimore Symphony (music to “the Lord of the Rings”) December 6-8 2004

    • First Night Alexandria VA, with Alexander Mitchell, December 2004


    • Winter Acoustic Music Fest, Dallas TX, February 2003 (With Nicholas Blanton)

    • Volksmuziekstage Gooik Belgium, weekend course in ensemble playing and concert organized by the Flemish Volksmuziekgilde (folk music guild), feb 2003 (with Karen Asbhrook)

    • Interview and live performance on KLARA (the Belgian classical Radio station to promote the concert in Gooik) with Karen Ashbrook

    • Instructor that the Upper Potomac Dulcimer Fest in Harper’s Ferry WV: instructor for Ensemble Playing class.

    • Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend, march 2003, with Goldcrest (trio including pianist David Wiesler and Violinist Daron Douglas)

    • The Kent Stage, with Maggie Sansone and Karen Ashbrook, april 2003

    • Radio show for XM ?radio solstice

    • The Peninsula Belgian American Club, Namur Wisconsin, April 2003 with Karen Ashbrook

    • Second Annual Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar Retreat Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor, WI, April 2003

    • National Cathedral Flower Sale, May 2-3 2003

    • Almost Heaven Danceweekend, Cacapon Bridge WV with Gigmeisters May 2003

    • Baldwin Station, Sykesville MD, with Karen Ashbrook May 28 2003

    • English-American Dance weekend, NY with Goldcrest, May-June 2003

    • Catskills Irish Arts Week, NY with Karen Ashbrook July 2003

    • Family and Bluegrass week at Augusta Heritage Center, Elkins WV, July 2003 with Karen Ashbrook

    • Volksmuziekstage Gooik Belgium, with Nick Blanton, July 2003

    • Portland, OR, with Goldchrest August 2003

    • Takoma Park Folk festival, Takoma Park MD, with Cabaret Sauvignon. September 2003

    • Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival, Shepherdstown WV, September 2003

    • Souther California Dulcimer Festival, Dana Point CA, with Karen Ashbrook September 2003

    • Southwest Dulcimer Festival, Dewey AZ, with Karen Ashbrook, September 2003

    • First Night Alexandria, VA, with Alexander Mitchell, December 2003


    • Minifest of the FSGW, Jan 2002 (with Karen Ashbrook and Andrea Hoag)

    • Winter Acoustic Music Fest, Dallas TX, february 2002 (With Karen Ashbrook)

    • Concert at the Belgian Embassy with Karen Ashbrook, April 2002

    • English-American Dance week at Sylvan Lake, NY, may 2002, with Goldcrest

    • Augusta Heritage Center WV, Dance Week, August 2002: accompanist for English and French Dance classes

    • Volksmuziekstage, Gooik Belgium, instructor Guitar for weeklong camp, August 2002

    • Southwest dulcimer Festival, Arizona, with Karen Ashbrook, Sept 2002

    • The Birchmere, VA, concert with Maggie Sansone (hammered dulcimer), Karen Ashbrook(hammered dulcimer and Irish flute, Billy McComiskey (Irish button box, and Eliott Grasso (villean pipes), as well as Irish vocalist Connie McKenna.

    • Kennedy Center Millennium Stage with Dave Wiesler, with Cabaret Sauvignon, with Ceoltoiri, with Tympanon, Nov 2002

    • Folklore Village, (Madison) Wisconsin, recorded live by Wisconsin Public Radio, and to be Broadcast at time to be determined, Nov 2002


    • Durham, North Carolina, February 2001 (Cindy Ribet)

    • Live performance on WAMU Metro Connection, February 2001

    • Release concerts of “Celtic Café” at Ramshead Tavern (Annapolis MD) and the Birchmere (Alexandria VA) March 2001

    • “Music in the Great Hall” Concert series, St. Johns University, Annapolis MD, March 2001 (with Maggie Sansone)

    • Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival, Shepherdstown WV, March 2001 (with Cabaret Sauvignon)

    • Souther Maryland Celtic Festival, April 2001, with Karen Ashbrook

    • Dulcimer Days at the Historic Roscoe Village, Coshocton OH, with Karen Ashbrook, April 2001

    • Southern Ohio Dulcimer Festival, Ripley OH, with Karen Ashbrook and Maggie Sansone, April 2001

    • Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage, June 2001, with Ensemble Tympanon

    • Coolfont Resort, Berkeley Spring WV, June 2001, with Ceoltoiri

    • Tour in England as accompanist for the Morris Team of Shepherdstown WV, July 2001.

    • Takoma Park Folk Festival, , Sept 2001 (with Cabaret Sauvignon)

    • Housatonic Dulcimer Festival, CT, Sept 2001 (with Tympanon)

    • Harmony Hall (Ft. Washington MD), Oct 2001 (with Maggie Sansone)

    • Live performance for “A Thanksgiving Living Room Concert with Maggie Sansone and Friends,” a nationally broadcast radio show “Echoes” presented by John Diliberto

    • Azalea City Records concert in the series of the Institute of Musical Traditions, november 2001, Silver Spring MD (with David Wiesler and Andrea Hoag)

    • “Celtic Sounds of the Season” show at National Geographic with Maggie Sansone, Liz Caroll, Billy McComisky, Karen Ashbrook, December 2001


Need to access calendar for mid 99 to mid 200

    • Calliope House, Pittsburgh PA, with Ceoltoiri, November 2000


    • Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, OH March 99 (with Steve Schneider)

    • Dulcimer Days, Roscoe Village Foundation, Coshocton OH, May 99 (with Steve Schneider)

    • Housatonic Dulcimer Festival, Westford CT, May 99

    • Old Songs Folkfestival, Albany NY, June 99 (with Steve Schneider)

    • North-East Dulcimer Symposium, Adirondacks NY, July 99

    • Common Ground on the Hill, Western Maryland College, Westminster MD, July 99

    • Augusta Heritage Center, Davis and Elkins College, WV, July 99

    • Swannanoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, Asheville North Carolina, July 99

    • SAMFest, Houston Texas, July 99 (with Karen Ashbrook)

    • Upper Potomac Dulcimer Festival, Shepherdstown WV, Sept 99 (with Cabaret Sauvigon)

    • Harvest Dulcimer Festival, Dana Point California, Sept 99 (with Karen Ashbrook)

    • Heartland Dulcimer Club, Elisabethtown KY, Oct 99 (with Steve Schneider)