Freelance Work

Since I used to play the hammered dulcimer myself (and am married to a professional player) and since I've been at countless festivals, I know the repertoire quite well, and thus I've had the opportunity to collaborate with several prominent players like Maggie Sansone, Jody Marshall, Steve Schneider, Ken Kolodner, and Nick Blanton. I'm available as a sideman, and have backed up a bunch of interesting people who came through town. For instance, here's some footage of a nice impromptu set of traditional American tunes with the great Mick Doherty from the Far North West (above).

Here's a drawing of Paul and Maggie (by Maggie herself). The facial expression is priceless.

(left) The Paspie Menuet (trad. Belgian) performed with New Englanders Mary Lea and Peter Barnes (Peter, Paul, and Mary!).(below) One of Peter's waltzes. Gigs like that should happen every week…