I play bass with and coach Ensemble Carillon, a group consisting of three hammered dulcimers, guitar/mandocello, concertina/flute and bass. We started playing together and still perform every December at Brookside Gardens, and Spring at the Upper Potomac Dulcimer festival. Insider information at (email for permission to enter).

The ensemble Carillon originated at the Upper Potomac Dulcimer festival in WV in the late 90's, when a group of devotees of the hammered dulcimer, led by Paul Oorts, endeavored to play music of the bell towers of the Low Countries on their instrument. In recent years their repertoire has expanded into other types of ensemble music that explores the distinctive voice of the dulcimer.

Current members are Christine Brennan-Schmidt, Roberta McClimens, and Elizabeth Benforado on hammered dulcimers (made by Nicholas Blanton from Shepherdstown, VA); Jay Benforado on guitar and mandocello; Robin Wilson on concertina and flute; and Paul Oorts on bass.