Trio con Brio

is the name of my trio with fiddler Elke Baker and pianist Jonathan Jensen.

Here's the description that Elke put on her webpage:

"Trio Con Brio … plays a diverse and unusual repertoire featuring vintage Italian mandolin music, French musette style, Jonathan's original compositions, and light classical arrangements. Instrumentation is primarily violin, mandolin and piano, but extends to accordion, guitar, recorder and ocarina. Trio Con Brio plays waltzes and other couple dances, Vintage dance music, English country dance, contradances, and listening music for parties and weddings."

An unsolicited comment sent by a happy Glen Echo dancer to a member of the Waltz Committee:

Trio Con Brio played an Argentine Tango number the way it should be played. Fantastic rendition. Oorts and company really played it outstandingly, as they do all of their tunes. Still, until Mr. Oorts started playing Argentine Tango tunes, attempts by other bands always fell way, way short of the mark. All AT lovers at the dance (including me, of course) were more than delighted to dance to their very fine effort.