Rigatoni Brothers

Please visit the Brothers' website following this link: The trio specializes in Italian American mandolin music from the early 1900s. The combination of two mandolins and guitar was very popular in those days to play for small social gatherings (weddings, first communion parties, ...) and a lot of sheet music was published for it in New York and Philadelphia. Paul has collected this type of music for many years, from whatever sources he could find it. Write him a note if you're interested in getting a particular piece or part. He loves to trade (scans of) old mandolin sheet music, it's all copyright free. He would eventually like to have complete sets of the Tesio, Cardilli, and Century Collections and make them available online. The Brothers did a lecture concert at the Washington Folklore Society Minifest in Februari 2013, and got great comments.

Our good friend R... F....... , whose father's side of the family is very Italian (as the name indicates), heard the first couple of notes and immediately recognized the style of mandolin playing she remembered from her youth, even though the songs you played weren't necessarily ones she recalled. You guys got the style exactly right! She was impressed with the great amount of knowledge you conveyed to the audience without being pedantic, and was crying tears of joy. Charlie Baum FSGW President

I am delighted that his performance was so well received -- this sort of well-researched exploration of a little-known part of American musical history is exactly what FSGW should celebrate. April Blum, Minifest Organizer-in-chief

I have to comment here that the Rigatoni Brothers concert was an amazing success.

The room was absolutely packed with standing room only. Nobody left their spaces once the music began.

There was extraordinary buzz with excitement after the show. Everybody had connections and personal stories relative to the music. What a terrific theme this would be for a future event..Mother Country music... (?) At any rate The music was fabulous as well. ... I hope he will participate in future interactive FSGW events. (S. Koppel, FSGW volunteer).

I have been hearing raves about the Rigatoni Bros. too-- knowledge, virtuosity, style, understanding, passion for material combined with scholarship, charm, audience outreach. I wish I could have been there, Lisa

The Rigatoni Brothers playing at the Strathmore Tea

in March 2013.

Playing for tea at the Strathmore Mansion.

Sound checking at Loyola College.