2012 UPDF Social Orchestra: Irish-Latino Wedding

Upper Potomac Dulcimer Fest - March 16-18, 2012 (Int.-Adv. Mixed-Instrument Repertoire)

An unusual gig awaits members of the orchestra who will combine music from Latin-American and Irish traditions for a new-world wedding. The Social Orchestra is open to a variety of instruments at a variety of levels. Music and sound files will be available (in dulcimer-friendly keys) for advance preparation. Sight readers will especially enjoy this class.

Message from the Dr.

Hi, future social orchestra members.

It would be nice if you send me an email to let me know you're going to be there, and what instrument you play. Go to the "contact Paul" page if you don't have my email address.

If you're not sure which part to play, I may have some suggestions. You may not be able to play everything (not all dulcimers have all chromatics), in which case I can probably adapt the part.

If you need guitar or mandolin or bass tablature, that can be arranged.

For the Irish side of the equation, I'm counting on YOU! Every dulcimer player has some Irish tunes on their repertoire; we'll try to see what arrangement we can come up with collaboratively. It would be nice if in the email you send me (see above) you'd also mention what Irish tunes you can play a solid lead on.




El Condor Pasa



Sheet Music

violin 1

violin 2


cello (violin clef)

cello (bass clef)



violin 1

violin 2





violin 1

violin 2



mando 1

mando 2



Sound File

solenzara midi

condor midi

españa midi

juanita midi


A Bolero written by Enrico Macias, a French-speaking Jewish singer born in Algeria but living in France, about a beach in Sardinia (Italy), which became a great hit in the Spanish speaking world, and was arranged for mandolin orchestra by a Japanese. Everybody gets to play melody at some point (except the bass).

I'm sure you've heard this one before.

And this one too.

get the picture?

Assigned viewing:

The South African Township Ceilidh Band performance in the film "The Boys And Girls from County Clare"


About 6:45 into the segment (and while you're at it you might as well watch the whole movie... and learn all the tunes)